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The reusable water bottle for all occassions

Looking for a refillable water bottle for home, school, the gym or office? The refillit reusable water bottle is available in a 750ml clear 'clarity' model and a 800ml squeezable 'active' model so you can choose a bottle that suits your lifestyle.

Clarity bottle

CLARITY bottle

  • 750ml capacity
  • Solid clear body
  • Designed for the home, office and classroom
Active bottle

ACTIVE bottle

  • 800ml capacity
  • Impact resistant squeezable body
  • Ideal for kids, sporting clubs and outdoor activities

Specs and stuff

The refillit clarity and active reusable water bottles also include the following great features:

  • Hard durable lid including a clear sipper
  • Integrated straw to make sure you get every last drop
  • Comfort handle to make refillit easy to take everywhere you go
  • BPA Free, food grade Tritan plastic
  • Recycled cardboard packaging
  • Dishwasher safe
The refillit sipper

What is BPA Free?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used in the production of some plastics. Research has shown that BPA can seep into foods and beverages that are contained in those plastics. There are concerns that BPA could have long term effects on health, especially for children.

refillit is a BPA Free reusable bottle, so you can drink to your heart’s content and stay healthy.