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refillit is a great brand to associate with your business, educational facility, association or government department.

What better message to give to your customers, staff and associates than:

REDUCE – your impact on the environment

REFRESH – your mind and body

RELIEF – for our world’s poorest communities

There are many ways our partners work with the refillit bottles and brand:

  • Direct retail sales – healthy food outlets, school & university cafes, post offices, gyms & hospitals - to name just a few
  • Fund raising for sporting clubs & associations – a very healthy and socially responsible way to raise much needed funds
  • Education of students – to drink more water, care for the environment and provide relief for poor communities
  • Branding for your business – showing corporate social responsibility with your gifts and merchandising
  • Branding for your Water Utility, Council or Government department – showing social responsibility and valuing a scarce resource like water in Australia and globally

refillit bottles are available at wholesale prices via the contact below. Once you are approved for wholesale purchases you will be given access to our Partner Portal. The portal allows quick and simple ordering of refillit bottles at discounted prices with fast delivery to your location within a few days.

Call or email Colin on:
Phone: 0419 347 054

See what some of our current partners are doing

qldwater on tap

qldwaterontap logorefillit has joined forces with the Queensland Water Directorate’s qldwater on tap campaign.The campaign aims to promote the good work done by Queensland’s water service providers in providing a food grade quality product to our taps 24/7, 365 days a year at an extremely low cost.

The campaign is being rolled out in communities across Queensland, in an effort to raise awareness of the water industry and to foster open communications and transparency between water service providers and their communities.
To learn more visit

Wholesale partner portal